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Welcome to Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation website!

SKESS Corporation is the biggest enterprise in Russia specializing in designing and construction of grain processing and storage projects either in manufacturing equipment for grain storage silos, silos of galvanized steel with flat and hopper bottoms, minisilos, mills, fodder mills, groats mill, oil mills and, etc. SKESS Corporation is able to execute works on her own from first touch of a designer up to putting a turn-key ready plant into operation.

"We hope our 65 years experience in field of construction of installations for grain storage and processing will be used for your company's well-being. You are welcomed and we could tackle any questions for mutually beneficial cooperation together ".

We are ready to build your installation in maximal short term with guarantee of high quality and perfect long time equipment operation.


38, Ivanovskogo St.,
344012 Russia

(863) 232-19-14, 232-05-06

(863) 232-46-24, 232-76-24

e-mail: main@skess.ru

07.09.2012. At the present SKESS Corporation is engaged in designing of two big plants in Voronegh and Samara regions. The plants are to be composed by storage silos, feed mills and warehouses for floury material storage.
03.09.2012. In September 2012 SKESS Corporation has constructed and put into operation first stage of harbour terminal in Azov city with handling capacity of 30,000 tonnes and has entered upon the second and third stages of construction of the facility with handling capacity of 30,000 and 12,000 tonnes.
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